Since its Blondie’s Lipstick‘s anniversary I decided to do#MusicMondays a little different (other than not posting it on Monday!) This isa special day for us so we chose to share it with two artists who we know verywell! We were there when they were rapping on tracks late nites in Albany, GAand they’ve come so far since then!! Check out their music, leave comments andadd them on twitter to show your support!
Formerly known asThe Heizman Boiz, Cap D-Nell and D-Ray make up the Atlanta based rap group 3rdFlo. They’ve come a long way since their 2007 hit single “Do the Heizman”, and continue following their dream to make music we love! Justtake a listen!
3rd Flo
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“Wide Open”
Follow them @3RDFLO
After a stint inthe US Military and some years under his belt as a college student, Augustabred rapper Chance Major decided to pursue his music career. A true performerin many facets he continues to make music collaborating on this track withbudding producer DivaPearl.
Chance Major
 “The Long Way”
Follow him @THEChanceMajor
We are more than happy to showcase their talent and willcontinue to support them as their careers soar off into the stratosphere!

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