So on the anniversary you know I have to review my favorite thing:LIPSTICK!!! A couple of weeks ago I decided I wanted some new lipsticks forfall- a warm berry and a neutral with a hint of peach. I kept seeing all these Covergirl Lip Perfection lipstickcommercials and saw that as a sign. Now I haven’t been a fan of Covergirlcosmetics for some time but I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt andtry it out.
First things first: appearance. I like how the shade youchoose is displayed at the bottom of the tube. I’ve been duped before thinkingthe color I see is how it’ll look on me (happens all the time with nail polish)but with this line what you see is what you get! And the names were so cute! Ichose ‘Soulmate’ (berry) and ‘Kiss’ (soft peach). Another thing I liked was thescent. I’m not 12 so I’m not looking for flavored lip gloss that I can eat offbut I hate it when lipstick/gloss/chapstick stinks. That’s too close to my noseto be funky!! No worries with LipPerfection, the pleasant fragrance will def put a smile on your face!
I was so excited by the smooth application and how nicemy lips looked with it on. This is the lipstick advertised to make your lipshealthier in 7 days and I’ll admit my lips do feel smoother! Now for the badnews- my lipstick played a Houdini on me. I’m a real person so at some point inthe day I’m going to get hungry. The LAST thing I expect is to be enjoying afootball game (well the fashion at the game!), bite into a hot dog and seealmost all my lipstick on my food!! Of course I know lipstick is edible but myfood is less appealing. My lipstick doesn’t have to be that fade proof, smudgeproof, 16 hr, have to scrub for 15mins to get it off long wear lipstick, but this cameoff like tinted chapstick!
I still use the lipsticks cause the hue is amazing but Ijust make sure to have it on me at all times. Gotta be prepared for when itdisappears on me again!

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