When a relationship has reared its ugly head many people find themselves trapped at a back door. Meaning, they often feel as if there’s no way out and a new beginning is close to impossible to achieve. A problem that most people face is actually pushing that past experience out the back door and entering into a new phase of life.
Every relationship that’s not meant to be has to come to an end; therefore those involved should make sure they are ready to face the music. People directly affected by a devastating end should remove themselves from all kinds of additional sorrows that linger through the night. There is only enough time to bounce back from the situation and allow the SELF to reap all the benefits of being single. Find that closure you need in order to move on. You can achieve this by getting that last kiss or taking in events of the past that you’ve had to say “no” to.
Time is definitely a good friend when it comes to moving past a relationship. Time is only beneficial when you use it to your advantage. If the break-up is something that you were against, take the time to talk with your friends and/or turn to music to help you move past the situation. Give yourself time to let all of the straggling feelings and that lingering love to dissipate. Take the time to fully review the situation and ways you can prevent the next relationship from falling to pieces.
Take into account that the person may not be compatible for you. Every relationship is not meant to lead to something. People should realize building relationships teach you things about a person and further provides an opportunity to make mistakes, so that you can fully be ready to accept THE ONE.  
For those who may experience multiple heartaches and break-ups they should evaluate themselves. Are you moving to fast? Are you out searching for that loved one? Are you ready to accept a person, flaws and all? Oh and where did you meet them? Also, an evaluation of the type of people you date could tell you something.  If you notice a trend in all the people you date, place those characteristics in the “non-negotiable” section. I can guarantee that would eliminate a whole bunch of malarkey and anxiety that you would have had to deal with. These questions should be asked when determining why there’s multiple failed relationships.
So what lies ahead?
Remember after every bad relationship there is a good one coming. You just have to make sure you’ve analyzed yourself thoroughly and can accept the good and bad that’s coming your way. Time is definitely of the essence, so take a deep breath and find out what you need to do to be ready for the next. Don’t be so quick next time. Also keep in mind, that past relationships should be completely out the door before you can move on to the next. Ultimately, personal growth is what a person has to look forward to after they’ve ended a relationship.
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  • I absolutely love & agree with your article. I feel like personal growth is important after a breakup. Also I love when you mentioned about moving too fast after a breakup…people should take time & evaluate before moving on! Good job!

  • Love this! It's the motivation I need right now. I would love for any & everyone to read this b/c what you said about closure & taking personal time to grow & heal before jumping to the next is ABSOLUTELY right! * Muah*

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