Shanai Belton
*DarSha Photography*

Age: 31
Resides: Tampa, FL
Blondie’s Lipstick Describe your style
Shanai Belton I think my style of photography can be considered artistic, colorful, and fashion forward.
BL What made you want to become a photographer
SB One day I decided I wanted to start my own business doing something that I have a passion for and that I’m good at and being a photographer I thought was the perfect career for me. I feel this way because I have always loved fashion, I have been a commercial model since the age of 18 and I earned a degree in graphic design. So combining all those skills together gave me the idea of using my creative side of graphic design, my experience with modeling and love for photography as my new business adventure and my art.
BL What do you typically photograph?
SB I like to photograph people, adding my own artistic flair to the images. I love to photograph beauty shots, fashion and editorial type shots.
 BL Where do you plan to go with your photography?
SB My photography is both my hobby and my career. I would like to eventually become a well known photographer one day hired for large advertising projects. I would like to have more of my work published in more magazines so more people can view my work.  I would love to do more photography work for various artist, for example fashion designers, musical artist and jewelry designers.
BL What is the price range for your work?
SB I consider the price range for my work very reasonable   Price range for a photo-shoot can vary from $175.00-$350.00 and then wedding prices are a lot more of course. 
BL Is there a message you want people to get from your work?
SB One message that I would like to convey through my work is to never be afraid to express yourself and your creativity because people and art can come in many forms, shapes and sizes.
BL Tell us something our readers should know about you or your work.
SB I am always anxious to learn more and to try new ideas and concepts with my photography work and I love working with new people. 
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