Guys your faces need to be fresh for fall as well as any time of year! Skin care is no longer just to women, in fact your skin maybe in even more need of care because of the constant shaving it requires. There are plenty of ways you guys can take care of your skin, here’s a few tips:
Find a good moisturizer. Retailers are noticing the high demand for men’s skin care products so there are plenty of products to choose from. You want to stay away from heavily fragranced facial lotions and make sure they’re not oil based, that can break out your skin and clog your pores. A plus, not hard to find thanks to the American Skin Cancer Association, is one with spf. EVERY skin tone needs protection from the sun.
 Now I’m not a guy but my Dad has been using Vaseline for Men Fast Absorbing since it came out and loves it!

It might not sound like something you’re interested in but exfoliating your skin is very important. Your hand and soap can only clean so much! Look for a facial cleanser with exfoliating beads and use it at least twice a week to remove old dead skin cells, promote the growth of new ones and help keep your skin clear.

 Neutrogena Men Razor Defense Face Scrub works for my cousin’s sensitive skin.

Of course I couldn’t forget about my ladies! This season, instead of the typical warm earthy shades of beige and chocolate, why not make your peepers POP with a brighter hue! We typically leave the warm tones to Spring and Summer but there’s no reason you glow in cooling days of Fall with a turquoise or orange.

Not a fan of the bright shades? That’s okay too!  Warm shades of purple are always in style for fall and you can go wrong with a sparkling metallic any season!!
Red (MY FAV) is appearing on puckers everywhere this Fall, but to switch it up lets intensify the hue. Try a cinnamon or berry shade, pair with black eyeliner and soft cheeks for an effortlessly timeless look.
I’m a huge fan of Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks!! They’re smooth formula moisturizes my lips and their pigments stay on a really long time!

Not into lipsticks? That’s okay too! Start off your day with a GOOD lip stain (emphasis on good, cause the sucky ones won’t last 15mins!) Pair it with clear gloss and get the same effect without having to reapply lipstick all day!
 NYC is known for having pretty good cosmetics for low prices but this lip stain goes above and beyond!! The color is true to the tube and it literally lasts all day!

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