If you thought I was going to lay down the rules of dating, think again. Fact is, there are no rules to dating. Think about it. Everybody has their own concrete idea as to what dating means to them. So establishing a guideline is close to impossible. You have to consider the millions of people who have their own perspective on how to “get to know” somebody.  Dating is more than the hot restaurants, expensive wine and the other cliché activities that comes with the idea.
Why date anyway?  Just make me feel good…have a little money and/or class…and we live happily ever after…. Right? If only it was that easy. One thing we can all agree on is the meaning of dating.  Basically, it’s the process of figuring out if a person you have interest in could potentially be the person you spend your life with.  We go out, meet this exciting person who we know is just going to be the one. Days and weeks later, it’s a wrap. Although it may suck sometimes, we just have to keep in mind that dating is the trial and error period. That person who makes you smile big may turn out to be the person who brings the devil out of you. Everybody goes through this motion and somehow learn a lesson.  You never know the outcome if you don’t try to put forth an effort.
So what does dating consist of?
  Many people struggle with the limitations of dating.  Are there any limitations? What is acceptable and what is not?  Is it okay to “get to know” more than one person?  These questions often complicate the dating process and guessing what the other person’s concept of dating is only complicates the situation even more.
So what about the rules of dating? How do you establish what you want out of the person you’ve made this connection with?
To create less confusion each party should establish what they want, once they make a connection….definitely not the initial meeting, but when it’s clear each person wants to be involved with the other. What this does is promote honesty early off in the fling, allowing each other to become comfortable with expressing the truth. Whether its sex, companionship, or a process to see if something happens. Either scenario could lead you to the person you spend your life with. Establishing which scenario each other wants creates less brain spasms. This is when you are constantly making up things in your head.  No matter the case, having this conversation minimizes the heartaches, unnecessary drama, and harsh break-ups.  This will keep everybody on the same page and you’ll know what feelings to convey when dealing with that person. And ultimately, you can decide upfront if it’s a dating situation you want to work with.
So the rules….There aren’t any… Keep in mind what you want and go with it.

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  • Miss Tee

    Well Said Babe!! Like Carrie said on an episode of “Sex in The City” “You make your own rules!” Because what works for me might not work for you!! #lovethis

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