There’s a war raging inside of you….
I just smile, sit back, and watch as it plays out
You’re fighting it…
You’re fighting us…
Most women would be offended by your struggle
I’m amused and captivated by it
I watch your hands twitch when I know you wanna touch me
But you feel like it may be too much too soon…
So I take the lead, so you find your comfort zone…
I listen to your stutter when I know you wanna be the first to tell me you love me
So I take the initiative and say it first, so you’ll feel like you’ve won
And at the moments when you’re most vulnerable,
My soul is at ease when you tell me how you feel
When you show me that your heart is mine
And your soul is inspired by me
Because I know what you’re trying your hardest to overlook…
That I’m your blessing..
You deserve me….
I’m your light at the end of the tunnel
And you’ll realize it when the time is right
That’s why I can sit back and smile and be amused by your antics
I’ve watched our love play out
I’ve watched you set standards,
Make plans,
Create rules to keep me at bay…
And I’ve also watched you throw away those same standards
Rule out those same plans
And break your own rules
All because you couldn’t deny what’s staring us both in the face
So keep fighting
Keep resisting
Because the look on your face when you realize I’m not going anywhere
No matter what comes our way is going to be priceless
And when you look at me…
Truly look at me with that note of realization
I’ll just smile bigger, wink at you and whisper in your ear
“I told you so”

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  • Nique! this really speaks to me! i love the way you capture the truth cause some guys always have that resistance even though we know they have strong feelings! good job!!

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