Be the envy of your class with these back to school staples!
Denim denim denim! 
Everybody has that favorite pair of jeans, well why not shake things up with a new cut? Back to school is when most companies release the most new merchandise and denim is tops! My favorite new cuts are American Eagle Jeggings and Hipster Flare for women and Old Navy Skinny and Slim-Fit Jeans for men. 
AE Hipster
AE Jegging

Mix and match denim hues with a denim jacket or denim shirt . . .
Womens Vintage Jean Jacket
Mens Jean shirt
 and remember denim (regular denim without appliqués and excessive designs) is a neutral slate so mix it up with colors and patterns! 
Saddle up cowboys & girls!
Whether picnic gingham, wide lumberjack or versatile western, plaids staying power is evident! Well this back to school season let out a loud “Yee-haw!!” for western plaids because they’re everywhere AND are awesome for transitioning from summer to fall and on into winter. 
Mens Western shirt
Womens Western shirt
The difference that sets western apart is the pearled buttons and they typically have a pocket on the right or both breasts. Ladies button it down and tuck, pair with short shorts, metallic accessories and wedges for a casual afternoon to evening look.
Fellas roll up the sleeves, pair with solid khaki shorts, canvas sneakers and a straw fedora for an effortless chill look.

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