I smile…..
I laugh….
I hope……
I am filled with this undeniable and yet fierce feeling of familiarity
My head hasn’t caught up with it…
My heart is taking its’ precious time…
But my soul knows the ins and outs, the recesses and crevices and the corners of everything that defines you
It knows you better that I can even comprehend
And yet……
I just can’t figure out how that is…
How is it that I can love you so passionately, so deeply, so profoundly that I am even baffled at the degree of my feelings?
I yearn and I ache and I long and I fight
But there’s no use..
It’s beyond me…
I’m surprised at how much conviction I illustrate just by uttering the words “I Love You”
Before you, these words never held such a meaning
With you, they will never mean as much as they should
After you, they will lose their fire, their strength, their soul
I’ve never loved like this
Because of that, I will never love again….


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