If I let myself remember the good times, I would surely crumble
If I allow myself to remember how good you could make me feel, you would find me at your feet
You’re not good for me….
I know that better than I know my own name…
So why does it still hurt when we argue?
Why do you still have this way of getting under my skin better than anyone else?
What have you done to me?
I was here when you weren’t
I tried when you didn’t
I sacrificed when you refused
And even now, all my efforts are spit back in my face
I used to be strong…..
But you took my soul
I used to be happy…….
But you took my smile
And now as I try to regain some semblance of a life, you refuse to let me have it
I’ve come to the conclusion that you enjoy my pain….
My suffering gives you joy…
So fuck you….
You destroyed my soul once, it won’t happen again
Our love didn’t last…deal with it
Come to terms with it, make peace with it, sleep with it….do whatever you need to do to understand that there will never be an “us” ever again
Because whether you like it or not,
There’s a life that still continues, regardless if “we” continue
I’m tired of feeling guilty
I didn’t know it was a crime to want to be happy
And time is ticking
Life is not going to stop for you
And there will come a day when I stop trying
I gave you half of my life
I gave you my tears and my heartache
I gave you everything….
When is it going to be your turn to give something?
Time’s almost up….

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