Strong, Sassy and Sophisticated only skim the surface of this issues **Fab Mamacita**
Tyeisha Moore
Lets find out more about her and her sassy lil’ diva Taliyah!
What was your first reaction when you found out that you were pregnant? Extremely Sad. I cried at least two weeks straight. I had my life so planned out. I was going to graduate in four years from Albany State, Attend Law School, Get married, Buy a house, Start my own Law Firm, and Travel the world with my husband for two years… THEN have 3 kids!

Was your family supportive? Was the baby’s father supportive?
They were very happy, supportive & loving. Taliyah’s Dad was overly ecstatic. I can remember him taking me to the doctor, for what I thought was “food poisoning” to find out I was prego. I came out and told him and I can remember wanting to slap the smile off of his face… lol. (It’s funny now. It wasn’t then.) After we found out we were having a girl, He went and got both of our names tattooed on his arm, He couldn’t wait for his “Baby Girl” to arrive.
It’s so awesome now that I think of my family’s reaction. I remember telling my grandfather, he was smiling and said “Hallelujah, I’ll live to see my first Great-Grand Baby” and him cooking for me, every time I asked him to! And me crying one morning around 5am, calling my big cousin, needing advice about morning sickness, and her laughing uncontrollably at me, causing me to forget I was sick and laugh with her. That same day she drove to my house and brought me two bags of maternity clothes. Great memories! They both were there for me whenever I needed them and since then, they have both passed and I miss them dearly… Rest in Peace, My Grandfather Willie Moore & My Cousin Sarita K. Jones.
What emotions did you go through throughout your pregnancy? Any unusual cravings? I was CrAzY! I’m talking Bi-Polar! Happy one minute, then mean and upset the next. Cravings? I loved lemons; it was the only thing that kept me from being nauseous. Morning… no, ALL DAY Sickness was rough. Nothing dramatic, but I could eat Japanese food, Sushi, Nachos & Tootsie rolls EVERYDAY.

How was your delivery?
Too easy! I never had contractions; my water didn’t break on its own. No epidural, no drugs. I just had the urge to push. She started to crown on the way to the hospital. I was in the delivery room less than 10 minutes when she made her Grand Entrance.
(I’m scared my next time will be the complete opposite. And yes, I want two more kids! -after I get married)

Describe how you felt when your baby arrived.
I felt like nothing and no one mattered but her. I 
 didn’t know what the future had in store for us, but I knew I wanted to be a great mother and I would do whatever it was going to take to raise “My Angel” the right way. When I saw her, she instantly changed everything, my relationship with God, My thought process, my future and all for the better!
What struggles did you face after your baby arrived Her dad and I ultimately broke up, we still get along…. but I found someone else (I’m single now though ;)). I did leave Albany, but I continued school in Atlanta. She brought me and my family closer & she became my schedule, so everything had to revolve around her… It hasn’t been a walk in the park, but never would I call them struggles, rather lessons learned. Philippians 4:13 says I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. And he has done just that! He gave me strength to do it all. I set new goals & my priorities changed. I’m 23 and my daughter and I have never gone without anything! I have a great family, fabulous friends, we’re both in good health, I have a great job, and I bought a house 9 months ago, my Wedding & Event Planning business is off the ground! What more could I ask for??! And God gets all of the Glory! And to your readers, Pregnancy or any other obstacle that comes in life, Just TRUST GOD, PRAY ABOUT IT, BE POSITIVE & KEEP MOVING! Life is full of challenges; it’s not the first and it won’t be the last.
What keeps you looking fabulous everyday despite your baby being a hand full? Life Happened!! I just continued to put on my pumps and I kept it moving with a gorgeous baby on my side. She was the perfect “accessory”! I dressed her up like a doll then and still do! Now she’s 4 and she’s a little diva. We play dress up ALL the time! My Princess has a style of her own. What better motivation to look Fabulous than to know someone will eventually look up to you!?

Thanks so much for agreeing to do the interview!! You’re SO welcome! I love you cuz and I’m so proud of you, your accomplishments, and the gorgeous lady you’ve become! Congrats on the Blogazine! Keep up the good work <3 <3 <3

Peace & Blessings, Love Ty!

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    I that gurl I'm so proud of you!!!!!!! I'm doing okay not great like you I alway's knew that you would make it. Call me sometime I would love to baby-sit sometime cell (678)755-8867 home (678)404-7818 I love u so much. Congrats again Sis

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