I love our faithful readers so much and your advice and input is greatly appreciated. The idea for this article came from one of our loyal readers, so thank you!
The popular nutritional book Eat this not That is actually a series of books that offer alternatives to some of our favorite foods. Seeing as how I am on this healthy living and lifestyle journey, I decided to share a few of my own suggestions with our readers.
1.      One 8oz glass of 2% Reduced Fat Milk–120 Calories, 4 grams of fat, 8 grams of protein instead of One 8oz glass of Vitamin D/Whole Milk— 160 Calories, 9 grams of fat, 8 grams of protein *Most doctors and nutritionists recommend 1% or Skim Milk, however these taste too much like water to me. I have found that 2% has the same great taste of Vitamin D/ Whole Milk and has less calories and grams of fat.*
2.      One serving (about 20 chips) of Lay’s Light Potato Chips–75 Calories, 0 grams of fat (Saturated and Trans fat), 1 gram of dietary fiber, 2 grams of protein instead of One serving of Lay’s Classic Potato Chips–150 Calories, 10 grams of fat, 1 gram of dietary fiber, 2 grams of protein *Some would argue that Baked Lays are better, and this may be true in some areas, but they don’t taste like potato chips to me and Lay’s Light Potato Chips do.*
3.      Once cup of Spinach— 41 Calories, 0.5 grams of fat, 4.3 grams of fiber, and 5.3 grams of protein instead of One cup of Iceberg Lettuce— 8 Calories, 0.1 grams of fat, 0.7 grams of fiber, 0.5 grams of protein *When making your salad or putting lettuce on your sandwiches opt for Spinach instead, it has way more nutritional value than iceberg lettuce and it doesn’t taste bad either.*
4.      One Serving of Kashi Tomato, Garlic, and Cheese Frozen Pizza— 260 Calories, 9 grams of fat, 3.9 grams of fiber, 14 grams of protein  instead of One Serving of Digiorno Garlic and Four Cheese Frozen Pizza—350 Calories, 14 grams of fat, 3 grams of fiber, 17 grams of protein
5.      One packet of  Crystal Light Fruit Punch Stir In (added to a 16oz bottle of water)– 10 calories, 0 grams of sugar instead of One 8oz glass of Tropicana Fruit Punch—  100 Calories, 29 grams of sugar

Remember these are only suggestions and I am not a medical doctor nor am I a nutritionist, I simply share with our readers things that I have tried on this journey to healthy living.                                                                                                                       
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-Miss Tee

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