Relationships: One to Many

What About your friends

Growing up my mom used to remind me that one is a reflection of the people they associate themselves with. Not saying that you can’t be different or not participate in similar acts, but to others outside your circle, the worst actions are presumed for everyone.
For instance, if one of your friends is hoe, and others are aware of her friendly acts, people assume that everyone in your circle is a hoe too. People take things at face value instead of finding what’s really going on.
  A friendship is just like any relationship: it requires communication, time, empathy, and sacrifice. It is a two way street; give and take. Me and my friends love each other like sisters and we care about each others feelings. We want each other to be successful, happy, and secure. I was told once” you have to be a friend to yourself to be a friend to someone else”. So know thyself to attract friends that mean you well!!!

– Bently Marie

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