I’m done with the games
The lies and the miscommunication and the secrets that I’m not told
We were suppose to be different
We were suppose to be above the norm
But yet you still carry on behind my back as if I’m that naïve
I know about the texts
The calls that end with “I Love You Too”,
When I’m not the one on the receiving end of that call
How is it possible that you can still look at me with love in your eyes?
….when you love someone else
How is it you can still tell me I mean something to you?
…..when I’m not the only one who does
Maybe I missed something?
A big sign that was suppose to warn me about this
I felt something was wrong
Like something was going on behind my back
But I believed your words
You told me you would be honest and open
We’ve progressed like we were actually trying to build something
But I see that I was just “filling someone else’s space”
This isn’t my spot
It never felt like it was
Above all else, I’m disappointed in you
You turned out to be “just like the others”
 I trusted you
And you hurt me…
I can’t be her
And I’m not about to try
If you can’t just love me
And love me for me
….then watch me as I walk away….


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