Summer is here and BA-BY it is HOTT, so I decided to compile a few health and beauty tips to help you get through the rest of these scorching summer days:
 *Need something to keep your skin soft, smooth, and radiant?!? Palmers Deep Radiance Oil Gel is a great product to add to your summer beauty regimen (Make sure you do not get Palmers Moisturizing Gel this one will leave you sliding all over the place) Vaseline’s Cocoa Butter Oil Gel work wonders for your skin as well. Both products are wonderful and they do not leave your skin feeling heavy, oily, or greasy. I highly recommend these products.

*Are certain areas of your body unusually darker than the rest or have you gotten a really dark tan and you want to even out your skin tone?  If so, then you should try using some over the counter bleaching cream. I know you’re probably thinking Michael Jackson (RIP) or Lil Kim but I’m not talking about that extreme! I’ve actually been using an over the counter bleaching cream called “Genuine Black and White” it’s in a purple and white container and can be purchased at Wal-Mart. My feet were unusually darker than the rest of my body. I have used the cream for a couple of months and I can really tell the difference. Make sure you use read the directions on the tube and/or consult your dermatologist if you have sensitive skin.
*This next tip should go without saying but hey some ladies need a reminder from time to time. With these steaming summer temperatures it is important to remember to keep your lower region shaved or waxed—hair makes you sweat and sweat can give off an unpleasant odor, not to mention the moisture from the sweat can lead to yeast and/or bacterial infections and those are no fun 🙁 Sprinkling a little powder on these areas may also help keep you dry if you sweat a lot.
* This last tip will have an article of its own, but it is definitely worth mentioning now…Wrap it Up! —National HIV testing Day was a couple of weeks ago. And we all are aware that African Americans account for 56% of all new HIV diagnosis. I know we are all adults and so if one makes the decision to have a summer fling or “hook-up” with that cutie while on vacation, remember to use condoms every time. Be safe and wrap it up!
Oh and I cannot forget to mention a few tips that were submitted by some of our twitter followers when I asked about your summer health and beauty advice. Our readers said:
“Drink PLENTY of water!”
“Limit artificial sweeteners.”
“Read Glamour Magazine”
“Listen to whatever advice Miss Tee gives you!”
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