Relationships: One to Many
                So with all my relationship experience one thing I do know is MEN HAVE ISSUES WITH CREATING BOUNDARIES.  When an “ex” is no longer in the picture, she/he needs to know their place. Ex means; old, no longer, left out, TOTALLY IRRELEVANT. So with that being said, an en ex should not be included in the present relevant picture. Honesty is the best policy in these instances because sometimes the “other” person does not know they are over stepping their boundaries. In every relationship communication is key. For example, my friend’s boyfriend is in a picture with another girl that is a “friend”. This “friend” likes my friend’s boyfriend. So my friend has asked him about the picture, you know like when was this picture taken, where were you all, why is it just the two of you, why was it this picture recently shown if it’s old, etc? You know relevant questions to the situation. Well this fool has yet to come up with an answer….I say chew his ass out, because #1. HE SHOULD HAVE SET BOUNDARIES WITH THIS “FRIEND” #2. HE SHOULD BE ABLE TO ANSWER ANY QUESTION THAT IS ASKED and #3.SINCE THIS “FRIEND” KNOWS HE IS IN A RELATIONSHIP, SHE SHOULD BE MORE RESPECTFUL.
          One thing that I have learned is that sometimes men do not realize or can see when a female is into him. He may figure she is just friendly or is a good friend, but women know one another just like men know men, so when a woman’s intuition tells her that another BITCH(sorry mom) is feeling her man, they take it personal. So F.Y.I MEN; if your lady is telling you that she does not trust another female, nor likes her, nor wants you to be around her alone, nor hang out with her, nor bring her around, etc. she IS NOT TRIPPIN, 9 times out of 10, your lady has had a WARNING SIGNAL delivered express from her intuition.
          Bently Marie
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