I released the breath of relief that has been lying dormant in my lungs my entire life
I am content
There are spare moments throughout my day where I don’t think about anything
Don’t worry about anything
And I don’t stress about anything
I can close my eyes and just exist
This is my happiness..
It’s taken long enough…
I’m not as naïve, however, to discount the fact that this came to be the moment you entered my life
It’s not easy….
We’re not easy….
But loving you is as easy as breathing
And everything else will take care of itself
I put a lot of stock in intuition
But I am also careful to back up my instincts with realities gathered from direct experiences
We are soul mates
Through and through
My proof lies in our conversations
In our quiet moments
In the moments where we can completely be ourselves
And in the moments where we understand each other
Because we know that there is no one else who understands us better
And If I never need to know anything else in this life
I need to know this:
That I’m your girl
That I’m your friend
And that we’re together..
As long as these things remain true
And God continues to bless me with you
I will live and die with complete certainty
That my purpose on this earth was to love you
And that my place in life
Is and always will be by your side…
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