Singer, Songwriter
Mateo Amarei 
Age: 24
Representing: Houston, TX
Favorite Influences: Various, but my TOP OF ALL TIME would definitely have to be, of course, the Late Great Michael Jackson.

Describe your style

My style is eclectic. It’s an infusion of music. I’m always testing out new sounds for my voice and trying to hit the public with something unexpected from me. I believe that music in itself is a genre and that’s where I belong, not limited to any specific derivative.

Tell me about it! We heard your upcoming singles “Valley Girl” and “First Car” (from joint album entitled ‘Radio City’ with fellow Artist and Keys And Ink member Ricquo Jones); they’re very different but both have your significant flavor on them. Do you feel there’s anything that makes you so successfully versatile?
I think the key to that is going into the studio and letting the music guide you. Those records were created with no premeditated intent. We just went into the studio and let ourselves go. I’m also very eclectic so my internal musical library even surprises me sometimes! I can only attribute it to being so open to receiving God’s blessings. He’s awesome and the complete reason.
What gets you in the mood to create?
 Life! (LoL!) Anyone in my inner circle could tell you that my inspiration to write and create music comes from everyday situations. It can be anything from TV Episodes, personal arguments, dreams, the weather, a certain phrase….quite frankly there are no boundaries to how my mind fabricates songs and concepts.

We were told us about your involvement with Keys and Ink, tell us more about it.
Well, Keys And Ink is a collective of mostly Houston Natives with the exception of MasBeatz. It’s a credited Songwriting Team based in Houston called Keys And Ink. Collectively we have worked with AND placed with the likes of Letoya Luckett, Paul Wall, Slim Thugg, new Artist Kirko Bangz and Up and comer Miss Mykie. We felt that Houston is a huge market of untapped talent and we wanted to formulate a strong group that would showcase that talent in a dominating fashion. That pretty much sums it up. Haha!

You’re so accomplished to be so young! What would you say keeps you on track to pursuing your dreams?
What has helped me is knowing myself and being so strong in my convictions. This business is designed to chew up and spit out those who are not assertive and sure of themselves. When I’m placed into situations where I have to show and prove….I do it. There is absolutely no other option I am willing to allow. I am very confident in my abilities, but also open to suggestions and ultimately my goal is for the best possible product to present to you, the fans. Nothing else matters. Not egos. Not accolades. Not Cars, Money, or Power. Just the music.

What song best describes you?
 Wow that’s tough! I’m so disconnected with what’s out there now to keep from bleeding into my own sound, but let me think….my peers will probably have my head for this but I would think Nicki Minaj’s “Moment For Life” Record best describes me CURRENTLY. I’m in that stage where you find out what the artist is made of. The grind. The creation. The Development. Truthfully, this is the moment that defines where I’ll end up in the Industry and it’s beautiful. I’m thankful everyday for the growing fan base and appreciation for my craft so “I wish that I could have this moment for life…”

What kind of message would you want listeners/readers to get from your music?

That it’s real. (LoL!) My music comes from a real place. Sometimes it’s all about partying and fluff and sometimes it very abstract and mind boggling. I can only aspire to connect with people that I have never met or will ever meet on a level that makes them feel like they “know me” or have a “piece of me”. That’s my ultimate goal.

Is music just a hobby or . . .
It is definitely a career. Longevity is the path I’m on.

Tell us something listeners/readers should know about you
 Well, most people may not know that I started doing music, of course for the love of it, but to help my family…mainly my older brother. He was wrongfully incarcerated when I was younger (5th grade) and from that moment on I knew that the gift God gave me had many meanings, and among one of them was to help give my brother his life back. He has now been there for 15 years and I’m very close to reaching that primary goal. He gave me the confidence and inspiration to start developing the talent I have now and I just want to show him the effect he had and still has on my career. So it was never about fame and fortune for me…..purely for the love of music and to selflessly return a loved ones stripped existence from the Free World.
That’s a very touching story you told us about your brother. How exactly are you using your music to help him and is there anyway your fans/ our readers could help as well?
I have met A LOT of lawyers. I’ve picked brains . . studied the situation. The last piece to the puzzle is actually getting to the point where my talent can sustain not just my life, but my family’s as well, including my older brother, but all I ask from the fans and readers is that you rock with me and my music. I want to be able to earn that help and not just ask for it. Be there for me and I will do my best to keep you all entertained.
Mateo Amarei is definitely a talent to look out for!! Blondie’s will keep up with his progress and keep you all updated with his latest accomplishments!
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