I’m sure the summer heat has kept you from your normal makeup regimen. Summer makeup needs are particularly different than any other season. I’m sure you are already familiar with what this heat can do to a beautifully made-up face. Here are a few suggestions for getting pretty these dog days of summer:
*Clean your face thoroughly before and after applying makeup. Make sure you use a moisturizer that has some sunscreen protection because even though African Americans have more pigmentation in our skin we still need protection from the sun.
*Less is more: go for the natural look this summer which means less use of your normal foundation and more use of powder or bronzer powder. Too much foundation can cause you to look oily and could end in a messy meltdown and that’s never a good thing. Think Meeka Claxton on the first couple of episodes of Basketball Wives…#yikes!
Instead of heavy foundation, opt for powder/bronzer. Apply it with a loose brush and make sure you get your cheekbones, forehead, nose, and chin. You want a natural glow.
*When it comes to eye makeup, remember neutral and lighter shades are perfect for the summer. Try to use shimmery and simpler eye shadows on eye lids as such beige, golden, light brown, yellow and silver. Apply lighter coat of during day but a thicker coat for evening. You can also use bolder colors and the classic smoky eye for nights out on the town.

*Consider trying eyelash extensions: when applied correctly false eyelashes can last for a couple of weeks. This will prevent the running that may occur from sweating or having to re-apply mascara. False eyelashes come in all lengths and are a fun way to change up your look, but if you’re just not into them, then you should try waterproof mascara. Either one will keep your lashes looking fabulous this summer.
*When applying your lip this summer go for light lip glosses during the day. Sheer and neutral colors are always good. If you decide to wear lipstick, a tip to keep it from fading as the day passes is to apply a light coat of powder on your lips before applying the lipstick. Bold colors in all shades of pink are popular and you can never go wrong with the right shade of red for your complexion.
These are just a few suggestions and tips that will be sure to fit the style of any woman, so whether you are a makeup fashionista or you prefer a more modest approach this advice should work for you!
-Miss Tee
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