Relationships: One to Many
 A Packaged Deal
          A package is usual a box or container that holds one or more things, whether it be clothing, household goods, or even a parent and their child(children). So this is for all my SINGLE MOTHERS; not baby mamas; but the ones that are keeping their children first. When I say first, I mean, who don’t put men before them, don’t stay out late on school nights because you have to get up to make sure they get to school on time, not  looking for a sugar daddy or support system, the mothers that realize that once they had children they have to set aside childish ways, a GOOD mother. This is for the young and old alike because there are some women that feel they can have babies and still be “free”.
          I know firsthand that being lonely is not ideal for a young, beautiful, educated, black woman, BUT when you have kids there has to be another level of acceptance.
1.    whoever you date has to accept your child(children),
2.   they need to like children
3.   there needs to be a background check done…THERE IS NO MORE STRANGER RAPES, 1IN 3 RAPE VICTIM KNOWS THERE ABUSER
4.   they need to go through a strategic process before they meet them, get to know them, and become regulars in their lives
Not only do these mothers need to realize they are a packaged deal, but the men dealing with these packaged deals need the single mother handbook to see if they are ready for that type of relationship. When it’s not just you, whether it be single mom or dad, there has to be many factors that go into play when on starts dating other people besides the child(children) biological parents.
So for those of you that are packaged deals it may be in your best interest to consider your children FIRST and yourself LATER, because every decision you make affects them now and later and you only for the moment.
          Bentley Marie
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