Rap Artist, Producer, & Engineer
Kid Class
Aside from his good looks and skills in basketball, Kid Class is an upcoming rap artist with lots of drive and motivation to reach his goals. Blondie’s was able to catch him during his busy schedule to get more insight about his music and himself.
Name: Kid Class
Age: 21
Representing: Stone Mountain, GA
Classification: Rap Artist, Producer, & Engineer
Blondie’s Lipstick: Where did the name Kid Class originate from?
Kid Class: I always wanted to have a name that resembled “lil” or “young” and Class means classic,   so it’s either Kid Class or Classic.
BL       What makes your style different from other young artists on the rise today?
KC       I’m still trying to establish my style. I think a lot of artists rap about “swag”, drugs, or stick to being commercial; I just rap about my life and about what I feel.
BL       Who (or what) has influenced you as an artist?
KC       I started out just producing, but then a former neighbor saw my talent and convinced me to start rapping. People who influence me are T.I., Jay Z, Big Boi, and Ludacris.
BL       What gets you into your artistic zone?
KC       Hearing a good beat in a studio or mellow setting. I can’t write around a bunch of people or a lot of commotion.
BL       What song do you feel best describes your style? Why?
KC       One song from my mixtape “The Extravaganza” that best describes me is “Turn The Speakers Up”. This particular song talks about the goals I want to accomplish.
BL       What do you want listeners to take from your music?
KC       That nothing is impossible to accomplish. Set goals for yourself and stay on a positive note.
BL       Where do you plan to go with your music?
KC       I hope to go mainstream.
BL       Do you have any other talents such as playing an instrument?
KC       A little key board and drums.
BL       Is there anything else you would like our reader to know about you?
KC       Yes, to download and support a positive cause.  I want to enforce that I’m more than just a rapper. I’m trying to do everything and have an entertainment label within myself.

For more on Kid Class follow him on twitter @KidClass or email him at KidClassmusic@gmail.com. 

Also, download his mixtape “The Extravaganza here at: Livemixtapes.com

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