Men are the epitome of strength and maturity. But some of the young mothers of our generation threaten those qualities. I’ve had the unfortunate opportunity to know, personally, some of these women who will drag a man through cracks just to prove a point. And let’s just suffice it to say that I don’t associate myself with those women anymore. I’m not saying that all men possess these qualities. But I’m sure you can think of some who do. All it takes is one look to know that he feels defeated and at a loss of what to do. That look, that is the equivalent of a movie. Where you can see everything his mouth can’t say but his heart is screaming to let out. Because he’s underappreciated and treated unfairly, when all he wants to be is
a father, a role model, and a hero to the person in the world who matters most.
Mothers are praised, forgiven, and celebrated on the single basis of giving birth. Which some, in their own right should be.
But fathers are the silent victims, the unsung heroes of our society.
When you see them on Father’s Day, don’t offer condolences. Don’t offer broken promises that things will get better. Just lend your strength, a shoulder, and a listening ear, if needed. And every now and then, when he thinks no one is watching or paying attention. You may see him close his eyes. Just for a moment, as he prays for strength and the will to keep trying. And when he opens his eyes, they will be a little brighter. In that moment, he always makes the decision to keep trying and to keep pushing. And in that moment, every woman who uses their child as a bargaining chip or leverage will lose their blessings. And I’ll be smiling. Because even in ridicule, when he’s at his lowest point, his strength is overpowering and unwavering. I’m smiling because he passes this test every time. God’s test….Of his ability and worthiness of being given the gift of fatherhood. And years from now I’ll smile even bigger, because his reward won’t be monetary. It won’t be from the apology of someone else. It will be when he can measure his riches and his blessings in one solitary moment. When his child can run into his arms when his hands are empty…… 

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