Father’s Day is less than a week away, and in addition to giving our father’s their favorite brand of cologne, a nice pair of shoes, or a stylish new outfit, it is also a great time to remind the special men in our lives of the importance of their health. We want them around for many more years to come. 
It is no secret that getting men to go to the doctor is not an easy task. Most men don’t like going. A recent CDC study states that women are 33% more likely to visit a doctor than men. The CDC also states that on average women survive men by over five years. The Men’s Health Network states that men die at a higher rate than women from the top ten causes of death.
This Father’s Day let’s remind the men in our lives to visit the doctor for regular check-ups. It’s been said that preventive medicine is the best medicine.  Heart disease, stroke, and prostate cancer are among the top causes of death for men. Below is a list of risk factors associated with the three diseases.
Risk factors associated with Heart Disease:
Increasing Age
Family history and race. People with family history of the disease have greater risk. So do African Americans, Mexican Americans, Native Americans, Native Hawaiians, and some Asian Americans.
High blood cholesterol
High blood pressure
Physical inactivity
Obesity and overweight
Risk factors associated with Stroke:
            Increasing Age
            Personal history of a stroke or a “mini stroke”
            High cholesterol
            Heart disease
            Smoking, including second hand smoke
            Physical inactivity
            Alcohol and Substance Abuse
Risk factors associated with Prostate Cancer:
            Increasing Age
            High fat diet
We understand that some factors can not be controlled such as age, race, nationality, or family history, however changing your lifestyle to include a healthy diet and exercise regime, in addition to not smoking and limiting consumption of alcohol can reduce your risk of some of these life threatening diseases. Since you have this information, you should encourage the men in your life to make a doctor’s appointment soon.
I understand that a lot of people (men and women) are not insured and that keeps them from making their health a priority, but local health departments offer a lot of services including physical examinations, cholesterol screenings, diabetes screenings, and a host of other screenings. You should contact your local health department to see which services they offer. Often times there are little to no charges for the services. So men, if you are taking care of your health that’s great, if not you should start! We want you to be the best you than you can be. We love you and we want you around for years to come.
-Miss Tee


  • I love your article! Great information that people need to know. It's important for others the understand that going to the doctor for regular check ups is very important, especially the older a person gets.

  • Jocelyn

    I read your articles because you write them…not that it's not pertinent info, but I just love you. On the other hand…let's get these men to the doctor with their stubborn butts! I'll try my best to motivate at least 1 man at week to go. Working at The Men's Wearhouse does put me in view of A LOT of men. Keep writing great stuff mam! 🙂

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