Do you need me?
Because I need to feel like you do….
Am I important to your existence?
Because I need to feel like I am…..
I don’t think that’s asking too much…..
I don’t think that’s asking enough…
I give the same in return
I need you like I need air….
Without you my world does not exist
When I’m around you, I breathe you in like I’ve been buried alive and you are my beacon of light
When I’m near you I sometimes just stop and stare, because only God could’ve created such a perfect specimen.
I get goosebumps when I catch your eye….
I feel you when you enter a room
I hear you when you think about me
I sense you when you crave my touch
I feel you all around me…
I need you..
I need you…….
I need you………
But most importantly, and what counts the most, when you hurt, I hurt
Your pain is always worse than mine…
I will swallow your tears and shield your heart with my own
I will be your protector….
I will be your partner…..
I will be…..everything
But I need the same in return…
Do you need me?
Am I important?


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