Quick Bio: Kaliber- Meaning to have a degree of mental capacity or moral quality. Im 24 years young and my favorite musical influence has to be Jay Z, his wordplay is timeless, I find myself decoding his early material to this day.
Describe your style:
My style is versatile, no comfort zone, I tend to step outside of the box and speak what the music tells me.
What gets you in the mood to create?
Good music, glass of wine and a Creamy Custard & Blushing Apple candle (from Glade of course, lol!)
What song best describes you?
LL Cool J’s I Need Love-Simply because he wasnt afraid to transition from his hardcore side to someone who just needed love like any normal person.
What message should listeners get from your music?
If anything I want listeners to get the Truth from my music, that nothing’s farfetched.
Where do you plan to go with your music?
I plan to go to whatever height this music takes me, if I can gain longevity and knowledge that’s even better, so I can teach those who want to get into this profession what to expect and what to bring to the table.
What should our readers know about you?
If the readers should know anything about me is that not only do I write for myself I also write for others, 5 artists under my belt and counting, and I also don’t see myself as a rapper but more so a composer an artist, give me canvas and ill create a masterpiece; give me an orchestra and I’ll lead a symphony.

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