Looking for a way to update your wardrobe without having to start from scratch? Use what you already have and dive into “thrifting”. There are so many lost fashion treasures at thrift stores and consignment shops and you don’t know what you’ll find until you look! They have great prices on designer items and when you buy vintage you’re almost guaranteed to not see it anywhere else! (my favorite part!)

& dont limit yourself to the women’s section! With the right accessories men’s fashion can easily be adapted!!

Another wardrobe update is color blocking. This trend has been revived from 70’s and 80’s fashion and is popping up on trendsetters everywhere. Now while many can pull this look off flawlessly, it can be tricky to master. Fashion Blogger and Image Consultant J. Carter gives us a quick how to:
Follow him on twitter @STYLEretard & check out his blog http://www.thekidzjump.com
Regardless of how you choose to update your style always remember to MAKE IT YOUR OWN!!! Individuality is key! **MUAH!!**


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