I’m terrified
Under this strong, independent exterior
I’m in a constant state of fear
Fear of heartbreak
Fear of failure
Fear that I’m…
I was comfortable before you
Everything was easy
My friends and family were my constant
But you, you scare me…
You’ve given me something that I’m afraid to lose
And I’m fighting against my natural instinct to flee
Are you fighting as hard for me?
I need to know that I’m important
I need to know that you need me
I need you to save me from myself
I didn’t even know I was this lost until you found me……
My love is unselfish
Uncaring of the consequences
But to give the deepest parts of my soul to you displays a vulnerability that is unknown to me and everything I am
My entire being is crying for you
Aching for you to find a permanent place inside
You belong here
My heart, my mind, and my soul are all in agreeance
But are my fears unfounded?
Should I not worry?
You walk around carefree like everything is in its place with us
Yet you don’t see the worry lines on my forehead
Or the bags under my eyes from the lack of sleep
No one can see me or read me the way you do
So Just…STOP!
…..And pay attention
To my unspoken words and my quiet thoughts
I’m depending on you to find me
Behind the mask
Behind the strength
Behind the independence
Find me….
I need you…..


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