Relationships: One to Many
Change of Thought
As I sit in my window I have all these thoughts running through my head..” I’m afraid to love, why do I date the same guys, what if I get hurt, I’m tired of being alone, will I ever find someone who likes me for me”…STOP I can’t keep thinking like this I will drive myself insane. I know, maybe I will get an account on, or go to the gym..naah, ooh I can go to the club..hmm, that’s not really my scene, I GOT IT, I’ll go to church…lol 
Sounds crazy, but in reality these thoughts go through a woman’s head quite often; thoughts that run a marathon every time she has to stop and think about the fact that she is ALONE. The good book asks “how can one be warm alone?” Humans are not programmed to be isolated. God created Eve so that Adam would have a partner, a companion, a friend. We need the warmth, sound, heart beat of another soul. Women experience depression at roughly twice the rate of men, why? Because women are emotional creatures and factors such as such as developmental, reproductive, hormonal, genetic ,other biological differences (e.g. premenstrual syndrome, childbirth, infertility and menopause) ,clinical depression , stress from work, family responsibilities, the roles and expectations of women and increased rates of sexual abuse and poverty.
Do you know you thoughts can turn into actions? If you think negative, negative things will come to pass. If you think you will never be with someone who will make you happy, you won’t. If you stop looking for Mr. Right and get yourself right to be Mrs. Right, then that guy will find you. Every action has a reaction; every choice there is a consequence; relationships, love, companionship, humans are no different. Love does not happen overnight. Love in movies can only be in a certain time frame; otherwise people won’t stay ‘til the end. Everything in life is a process, including relationships. Every person you meet will not be around for a lifetime, but being patient and accepting yourself will make that journey far more manageable and worthwhile. Being alone is ok, as long as you are finding yourself and being comfortable with YOU. Just like Hoarders: Buried Alive, you can’t bring people into a cluttered space and expect them to be comfortable and secure. With relationships, you have to be clutter free and allow you and that person to enjoy one another, listen, and be FREE.
So now I sit in my window thinking…” I LOVE ME, I am satisfied being by myself, I love my friends, my partner is my best friend . . . . Why was I ever running from ME?”
         Bently Marie
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