Dancer: Jeremy Copeland
Imagine living a life where you only eat, breathe, and sleep DANCE. Well, if you get to know Jeremy Copeland, you will see dance personified in a very intriguing individual. I had the opportunity to get the latest on this phenomenal dancer whose ambition has landed him a prosperous career in the music industry.
Motivation is what led the 20-year old to his dream career. After attending a master class in Atlanta taught by Tony Czar, Copeland embarked on his journey. Czar, a top choreographer in LA, told Jeremy he was amazing and to train for a month in LA. It’s currently going on three years and Jeremy says life in LA is amazing.

I asked Jeremy what he gets out of dancing. His response was,
“I love what it does when I hit that stage/dance floor. I transform into a BEAST. When I am in that 8 count you can’t touch me, nobody is better than me and I will go FULL OUT until my toes bleed then dance some more.”
The Brooklyn native, says his proudest moments as a dancer include being a principle dancer for  JLo’s “On the Floor” video, and of course dancing in Queen Bey’s “Run the World.” Jeremy aspires to be a Mogul, someone whose name stands alone in the industry. It’s safe to say it’s a goal that he sure enough is destined to achieve. He has worked with some big names in the industry. From T.I. and Neyo to Keyshia Cole and Keri Hilson….just to name a few.


What doesn’t kill us, only makes us stronger right? That’s why Jeremy credits his haters and the malarkey he endured growing up as inspiration to his success.
What’s next for Jeremy? Well, he just submitted for Lady Gaga’s new video.  Eventually, he would like to work with Kylie Minogue, Janet Jackson, Madonna and Usher.  We, here at Blondie’s Lipstick, wish him well and will continue to track his progress. Talent and drive will get you far, as we see in Jeremy.
We will feature his new blog once it is up and ready. Be on the lookout for the latest on Jeremy Copeland from Blondie’s Lipstick.
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