My outstretched hand missed you by an inch….
I was dreaming the dream of a dreamer and forgot one important thing
It was nothing but a dream……
An alternate reality of an actual reality
I can close my eyes and see the image so perfectly
The image of you in all your glory and I wonder to myself,
When did it become a dream?
I felt you…….
I know I did…
I tingled from your touch from the tips of my toenails to the ends of the strands of my hair
The art of our lovemaking will stand the tests of time with the skills and the craftsmanship that was articulated within those moments
I can still feel traces of your name on my tongue and the remnants of a kiss on my lips….
And your gaze….
That penetrating stare that I could pinpoint in a room of a million people always left me reeling and wanting more
….But when I woke up you weren’t there
I felt the leftover feeling of your presence but you were nowhere in sight…
And as I lay back on my bed and stare at the ceiling
I allow my eyes to drift…..
Because if my dream keeps my heart racing and my pulse pulsating at a mile a minute
Then dreams take me away….
Guide me to the place where you are everlasting and never-ending
Where my smiles are permanent and the butterflies run rampant in my chest
Here is where I want to stay
Here is where I would rather live out the rest of my days
Because the actual reality of my reality is that you’re not here
You never really were……
Maybe physically…but everything else about you was vacant
Your eyes were blank and your heart hollow
And I would rather see you when my eyes are closed and my mind is dark than not at all…….
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