Relationships: One to Many
Don’t take people at Face Value!
So I have this friend, she has never been in a serious relationship; but wants one, just graduated from college and just moved to California to pursue her dreams of being an actress. So she called me two week ago saying she just met this great guy, he is a producer and wants to make her “famous”. So I asked her what she knew about him, where was his family from, what kind of producing he does, have you asked anyone else about him? You know questions a friend would ask. She said she was just having fun and not for me to worry, she had him checked out and he was a good guy. Well I have seen plenty of movies like “Obsessed”, “Enough”, “Stepfather”, “A Thin Line Between Love and Hate”, etc. With these movies both men and women have not been who they portrayed themselves to be and there are real people out here who do the same thing….So I called her last week asking more questions because I just had a bad feeling, I got his name, where he “said” he worked, and his address; I started digging for evidence like I was a detective from CSI-Miami or After searching for a few days I found out that he was NOT who he said he was; in fact he was married with “2” families, one in Los Angeles and one in San Antonio, TX, was convicted of robbery, attempted murder, and  kidnapping in 1999…..
          Just imagine if that was true!! Ladies please be careful when you meet guys just because they have a nice “swag” and seem to be legit, give yourself time to get to know a person. It’s ok to show your interest, but keep your guard up, especially when you don’t know anything about him, he claims to have no family, has a sad life story, and seems lonely. Women are emotional. People and predators know what makes a woman’s emotions tick and you can fall prey to a very dangerous person. Never take people at face value, research, talk, and investigate for your own safety.
-Bently Marie
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