Thought provoking lyrics and witty one liners are only the surface of what makes up talent on the rise, Team Lee. Blondie’s catches up with the multi-talented artist to find out where he’s come from and where he’s going.

Name: Team Lee 
Age: 26 
Representing: Fort Myers, FL
And you are: rap artist and producer
Blondie’s Lipstick Interesting name. Where did it come from?
Team Lee The name Team Lee came from me doing everything myself whether it’s producing, recording, editing videos, I can do it all. 
BL     Who (or what) influences you musically?
TL     Being a producer some of my musical influences can’t really be summed up to one genre because I take bits and pieces of sounds and material from 80’s music, rnb, 90’s rap, and mix it with a current state of music.  But if I had to name people that influence me I would say Kanye West and Lil Wayne are major influences in my music.      
BL     Describe your style.
TL     Well I try to switch it up from time to time so people don’t get the same sound on every song.  But someone told me I had a southern but universal style which means you can hear the southern swagger but with me having lyrics that could be heard from up north, west coast and etc.      
BL     What gets you in the mood to create?
TL     A great beat or sound.  If I hear a beat and it puts me in a mood that I wasn’t in before I listen to it then I have to rap on it and keep that same mindset that the beat put me in.  When it comes to producing that certain sound will get me ready to create something from it. It’s all about the sound.
BL     Name a song that best describes you/your style. Why?
TL     Well the 1st song on my mixtape “A Moment in the Limelight” title “I am Team Lee” is one song that can describe me and my style all at once.  In this song I was speaking on how I felt about doing music and how I felt about putting myself on display for everyone to see. In one line I said
“I put my all into these beats you can hear my soul bleeding”
I just feel that I put all my time and energy into this so people can hear that same time and energy bleeding through the song, without having to see it!
BL     What kind of message do you want listeners to get from your music?
TL     Basically “Do you” I feel if you do what’s true to yourself then you can’t go wrong.
BL     Where do you plan to go with your music?
TL     I feel that a career is already in the making with my music.  This is something that I know I’m good at and that other people feel that I am good at also.  It’s only one way I’m going from here, the top.
BL     Anything else our readers should know about you?
TL     They should know that my music is not some type of gimmick and it is not trendy music, it’s music that comes from me to you without all the middle men.  Call it Team Lee music!
For more on Team Lee follow him on twitter at @IAmTeamLee and visit his tumblr page at
 If you want to hear some “Team Lee music” check out his mixtape and download it right here. 




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