So we have reached the end of the weight loss failures and success series, but no worries I will be sure to continue to give you healthy living tips. I will also keep you updated with my progress as I continue to keep the weight off (you know they say keeping the weight off is actually harder than losing it). With that being said, I want to leave you with a few more tips that I swear by and a couple of before and after pictures of myself to help motivate you!!

1.) Watch the amount of liquid calories you intake. Sodas and juices are loaded with calories. The average can of soda or 8oz. cup of juice has more than 100 calories, and the average person has multiple sodas and/or cups of juice a day. Try drinking water with your meals as much as possible. It doesn’t have any calories and it fills you more than soda and juice. If you are at a restaurant try squeezing some fresh lemon juice in your water. 
2.) Do not eat until you are full, eat until you are satisfied. This is going to take some time and concentration to master. Eating until you are satisfied and eating until you are full are two different things. Here is an example: If you normally eat a 10 piece hot wing meal for lunch, eat half of the meal at one sitting. Eat slowly. Save the rest of the meal for your dinner.
3.) Snack Smart. The previous example probably have you thinking that you are going to be starving, but that is where your snacks come in. You should have at least two snacks a day, one between breakfast and lunch and another between lunch and dinner. Your snacks should include low calorie filling foods such as fruit, vegetables, nuts, yogurt, and jello to name a few. 
4.) Have a Cheat Day! Understand that losing weight is a lifestyle change. Realistically speaking there should never be any food that you deny yourself from having the key is to do it in moderation. I still eat all types of sugary and fattening foods the key is that I only have these things once a week. Nothing more. Nothing less.  

Hope these tips work! Stay tuned for more information from the Health and Beauty Section of Blondie’s Lipstick!

-Miss Tee


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