What is the power behind every relationship? There has to be something that keeps a person in sync with a lover, right? It has the power to allow you to lose yourself and accept things that maybe you shouldn’t. This power not only makes you feel good, but it gives you the satisfaction of knowing that your lover isn’t going anywhere. So where is this power?
People mistakenly give their genitals credit for the way a person behaves in a relationship.  We’ve heard it all before. If you have a va-jay-jay then you’ll say something like, “Oh I got him p***y whipped.” For the fellas the wood has her mind gone. Wrong. This is a common misconception between both sexes and should be addressed.  Once we find where true credit is due, we can begin to analyze how we behave and handle ourselves when we’re progressing in a relationship or even just getting to know someone in general. The true power behind the malarkey we deal with is very precious and is only affected when it’s vulnerable. The ultimate goal though, is to not let another person control your power. Once it’s out of your control the process of getting it back can be long- refer to Jhou’s SB syndrome and guide to recovery if your power has been taken.
So about the power- Where the heck is it? It’s very simple. The ultimate power is our brain, the part of the body that controls everything from your emotions to wiggling your toes.  I mean how else does that lucky person get below the belt? In some way, form or fashion, they have to stimulate the brain in a way where pleasure is the next step. In most cases, when you lose your power, you lose that sense of reality you need to function properly in society.  So protect your power because it’s able to do things the heart and the below the belt area can’t do. 
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