He kissed me….
He made love to me….
He talked to me….
He showed me….
He listened to me….
He told me…
He liked me….
He was patient with me….
He loved me…..
He waited for me….
He taught me
……everything I needed to know and learn about those four letters.
In this life and in that order…
The right way to love
And how to love in return.
I am grateful
I am indebted
And I am ecstatic.
He IS the truth.
He is MY truth.
Because not only does he speak the words that I need to hear
At the moments that I need to hear them…
But he personifies the love that he gives
And he is animated in the way that he shows it.
I thought I was determined to have him,
But I am more determined than ever to keep him
Because I let him kiss me
I let him make love to me
I listen when he talks to me
I heard him when he told me
I paid attention when he showed me
I gave him my words and he listened
And when I was difficult, he was patient
And we liked and loved and cared and waited
And now that love is teaching us to love again in all the right ways
It’s time for us to sit back and listen.
Let the lesson begin…….
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