I’m afraid…..
I’m starting to hear the stutter of a heart that’s not really sure anymore…..
The scary part?
It’s not my heart I hear…
It’s yours…
What happened?
Where did you go?
One minute we’re in our impenetrable bubble of love and want and desire and the next….
No warnings, no hints, no clues
But what I do see is doubt in your eyes
I hear it in your voice
I sense it in my unanswered phone calls
My unresponded texts
And the nights when your voice isn’t the last thing I hear
Come back to me…
I don’t understand this sudden waver in consistency
All I need is a sign that this is worth fighting for and I will fight with everything I have
Show me that you feel the way I do and I’ll do the rest
I’m strong enough to carry us both but you have to show me the way
I just need one spark
One glimmer of hope that there can be an “us” again
Look at me…..
Look through me…
Look beyond me into our future and tell me that you see forever
Because I do….
I’ve tasted it with you and I want more
Show me the way
Guide me to your heart
And give me my forever……
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