As a society as a whole, we are selfish by nature. We expect perfection, but we deliver mediocrity. We ask for flawlessness, but we are never without our own flaws. We place boundaries and set standards on others that we, ourselves, cannot meet, but yet we ridicule those that fall below. But we never take the time to look in the mirror. Truly look in it and see ourselves for what we are. And for those that do, most don’t like what they see. If any obstacles, or problems, or issues arise in our lives, we take a hiatus on living.  We take a break, using precious time that can never be given back, and use excuses that justify our actions. You’ve heard it before; “I need time to get myself together,” “I need to get my life back on track first,” “ I need time to process some things.”  You can take the time you need to “construct” your life and still live. People don’t have to be cut off from you, you don’t have to go through a depression because you believe that’s the next predictable step, you can still get out in the world and enjoy it. Give people a chance to know all of you. Not just the you that has no problems. You’ll be surprised at the amount of genuineness people show you when they see that you’re just as imperfect as they are. Trouble is apart of your life, whether you like it or not, and if you don’t share it, you don’t give the people who love you the chance to love you enough. This is not to say that you shouldn’t focus on your life and getting it where you need to be, but just know that while you’re constructing your life, believe that it is still a life worth living and worth sharing. Life doesn’t take a break, you shouldn’t either. I’m perfectly imperfect, how about you?
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