Tired of the monotony of the fashion world? Well don’t settle REBEL!!! Blondie’s sat down with up & coming trendy clothing line Wealthy Rebel Clothing Line‘s Courtney Tyson to get the inside scoop on what makes these rebels so wealthy.
Blondie’s Lipstick Who makes up the team Wealthy Rebels?
Wealthy Rebels Wealthy Rebels is made up of Courtney Tyson. Jarrett Reed. Cedrick McClendon. and Abdul Walker
BL What was the inspiration behind the name “Wealthy Rebels”?
WR “Wealthy” came from having love and pride in family, love and friendship and to be wealthy in success of anything you put your mind to. “Rebels” stood for rebelling against the norm and average style that people are going for. We want to provide a innovative brand of clohing that sets its own trend.

BL With all the competition out there, what made you guys decide to create a clothing line?
WR The idea of creating a clothing line was based off us not being satisfied with other brands, therefore we sought to create Wealthy Rebels provide a more unique and creative outlook on fashion.
BL Describe a “Wealthy Rebels” style? Who are you targeting?
WR Wealthy Rebels can be described as New, Creative , Fresh and innovative.. We primarly aim to target the World and provide everyone with the lastest trend.

BL Where do you all get the inspiration for your line?
WR Inspiration for the line has came from the Wealthy Rebels Team, our families and our friends, and those who have supported us through our facebook fan page and Twitter.
BL Is this line just a hobby for you guys or are you trying to turn it into a career?
WR Hopefully Wealthy Rebels turns into a Career for us. We would Love to Provide New looks for people and create more than shirts but also an array of clothing.
BL Sounds exciting!! We look forward to seeing what you guys come up with next! Tell us something readers should know about you guys or Wealthy Rebels.
WR Wealthy Rebels is coming out with some new designs for all our Wealthy Rebel Customers because we have a serious passion for fashion.

Interested in ordering your own Wealthy Rebels gear? Then visit www.wealthyrebels.net and their Facebook: Wealthy Rebels or email them at : wealthyrebelclothing@gmail.com

Follow them on Twitter @WealthyRebels,

Courtney Tyson: @whatuptho06,

Jarrett Reed: @OBEYmyFLOW,

Abdul Walker: @ArtisticEnigma

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