It’s a random Sunday morning and we’re wrapped around each other
A tangle of limbs in a California King size bed
All the room in the world……
All the space we need…….
But the distance is not a luxury that we want to take advantage of right now
I can hear his heart beating
And I notice that mine is beating in tune with his
This causes me to smile…
My eyes are closed
Hands are caressing skin
Skin is caressing skin
And we can just………be
After a moment we may talk
About everything and nothing at the same time
It’s sensual and real and passionate
Like were making love with our words
…….The best kind of foreplay
Most of the time we just listen to each other breathe
And are comforted in the simple pleasure of sharing something so pure, so trivial
On this random day, we are nothing but hands…
And skin…
And sunlight….
And caresses….
And smiles….
And on this random day, I wouldn’t wanna be anything or anywhere else
This is the purest form of our love
Nothing can touch us here……
Soon reality will storm in and the day will officially begin…
But until then I will bask in the fantasy that this can be my forever
Because one day, it will be……..
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