I’m worth it…..
You treat me as if you’re the prize
But don’t be mistaken,
I’m the treasure.
I’m the gold and the diamonds and the riches that you can only dream to possess
I can walk circles around you on your best day
All before even opening my eyes in the morning
You say I should be proud to be on your arm?
The way I see it, your arm is only worth it if I’m on it……
You say I should be happy to be in your presence?
Your presence only makes sense if I’m next to you….
You clearly misinterpret the heads that turn when we enter a room
Because I guarantee you, if I step away from your side, the heads that turned will turn in my direction
You think I need you in my life?
The greatest gift you will ever receive is having the privilege of being apart of mine
You can’t degrade me even if you tried….
You can’t discourage me on my worst day….
You can’t hurt me because you’re just not that important…..
You’re a joke….
A mini-chapter in my life that was over before it even started
You’re like……
A seat-filler……
A stand-in…….
An understudy…..
A trial run…….without the money-back guarantee….
You’ll lose me before you even have the chance to blink…
You’ll miss me before you even know I’m gone…
You’ll hurt before I ever feel an ounce of pain over you…
So when you see me on the street, just look past me
Because I am definitely looking straight through you…
You won’t even be a blip on my radar…
All because you forgot to remember the three most important things about me….
I know my strength…
I know my heart….
But most of all, I know my worth…..
You couldn’t handle me, so you’ve been dismissed
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