“I like him because he smiles at me and means it”      –Anonymous
Such a simple quote. It’s very simplistic in its words but full of meaning. Most of us, can tell the difference between a fake smile and a real smile from our significant others’. Hopefully, we care about them enough to inquire about the fake ones. But having someone smile at you, and you catch the millions of meanings that their smiles convey is a treasure not found by many. Imagine yourself sitting in a room with your significant other on a random Sunday morning. You’re both enthralled in different things at the moment. But then you happen to glance up at the same time and he doesn’t say anything but smile. The smile only lasts for a second and then he’s back to doing whatever it was he was doing. But to you, that smile meant “I love you”. It meant “I can be doing anything else with my time and my day, but I choose to sit here and do nothing with you”. It means “ I don’t need conversation, I don’t need to touch you, I don’t even need to be close to you just to simply love being in your presence.” Find someone whose smile can convey a million meanings, and you’ve found someone who will love you in a million ways.
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