Everyone knows that springs arrival brings sunny days, budding blossoms and preps us for those warm summer days. They also know it brings pollen, bugs come out of hiding and those dreaded rain showers!! Well fret no more! Blondie’s is going to help you be “Rain Ready” From head to toe, to the point that you look forward to the next rainy day!

Hats don’t necessarily mean your having a bad hair day, they are accessories people!! We found this cute rain hat at http://www.bridgetarmstronghats.com/ and its both fashionable and functional!
Not a  hat person because you love your ‘do too much to mess it up? No problem! Try a clear, dome umbrella, this way you can see and be seen! You can find one at www.target.com for $16!
What about your outfit? You got dressed all cute and now because of the rain no one will be able to see it! Not anymore!! Try a clear raincoat. Feeling creative?: Customize your raincoat for a guaranteed original!
Last but most definitely not least you want your feet protected. How many times have your favorite shoes been ruined by a rainy day? Well this neat little invention just saved you some money! Meet Shuella, the shoe umbrella! Pick yourself out a pair here-> http://shuella.com
-The Blonde One
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