The road to self-fulfillment, after a relationship, may take months to get to. The RB can’t give up.  Be prepared to hit the bumps, and pot holes that lie ahead on the journey.  The road to recovery is going to test your strength and your ability to handle complex situations.  These of which are essential qualities needed in order to fully gain the most of the next relationship.
At this point, strength has been tested due to the RB being in this stage. That’s the hardest part. When you’ve realized that you exhibit SB qualities and desire to move on you’ll go through the necessary steps in order to come out on top. That’s strength. The ability to endure things that can make or break you. Welcoming these tactics to recovery only sets you up to be able to face and handle the next set of malarkey.
Get out and do stuff. Don’t keep your brain filled with remnants of the past.  Keep in mind that it is good to reminisce when determining your progress but focusing on it too much can cause a setback. Allowing those thoughts to haunt you and halt you path to recovery.
The RB should also note that the thought of being with someone else exclusively should be that last thing on the brain. Leaving a bad relationship and jumping into another one is lethal. Wait. Take the time to actually focus on you and your desires. Bounce back!  That way when the right one comes along you’ll be ready for the magic that could possibly take place.
RB, keep your head up.  Know that the time it takes to get through this stage is solely up to you. Live life to the fullest!  The reality is, people don’t want to be single all of their life. It’s only human to crave compassion and want that warm body next to you. And let’s not forget about our sexual needs. Giving ourselves to multiple people works during the single stage but at some point it gets old. Making this statement relevant to the RB, embrace the single life; just don’t let it consume you until you lose sight of the bigger picture.
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  • -Speechless!!!!….I am completely impressed. This is very well written and so completely true. I think all 20something's can relate to this. Getting back on the horse and starting all over again is definitely tough. But I think us RB's can handle it.

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