Outside Forces

A relationship is a state of connectedness between two people; two meaning a couple, the sum of one plus one, me and you…etc. When other people are figured into this equation it can cause a rift, divide, or even over crowding for the initial ” two” people in the relationship. There is a saying, “three is a crowd” and in a relationship, this is definitely true. This crowd could include parents, a mistress, and the most common…friends.

To some people, their parents opinion of their significant other is a major deal breaker. For example, a girl’s mother or father may not approve of her boyfriend, so they may try to keep them from seeing each other, make their relationship hell, or even make her stop seeing him. The ” other girl/ guy”…most likely causes the biggest problem in relationships with trust. When one person steps out in the relationship, it affects both parties in negative ways; lack of trust, frequent arguments, assumptions, more cheating, or even a break up. Cheating is the one act in a relationship that is selfish, because one half of the couple made it 3. If your not happy with the 1 you are with, be single and you can have your cake, pie, cookies, and whatever else treats you like. Lastly, those damn friends. They can never control their own relationships, but can tell you what you should and should not do in yours. Sometimes friends can be your worse enemy and destroy a relationship. Friends are not always bad, but create boundaries and know that your relationship is between you and your significant other, not you, your friends and your man/ lady.

Creating boundaries for your parents and friends is the first defense to outside forces. With cheating, there has to be maturity and strong communication in the relationship. If that person is not ready to be in monogamist relationship, or unhappy with you, then they may be likely to step out, and you made need to make a realistic decision to either stay and work it out or step off and go on with your life. People will go and do to you as much as you allow them. Never let anyone or anything come between your relationship. Besides, if you can’t love yourself, how in the he’ll are you gonna love somebody else, can I get an Amen!!

-Bentley Marie

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