I loved watching Big Daddy shave. As a little boy, I dreamt of shaving like him. Grandma Marian tells of the time I slipped into the bathroom with his razor etc. to shave. I emerged with cuts and showed them to Big Daddy (who being very old by this time didn’t speak much). However, he managed to look at me and ask “Why did you do that?”
Fast forward to today, I am fondly reminded of Big Daddy when I venture to Harlem Barber for my weekly shave.  As I am susceptible to razor bumps, I couldn’t stand to shave with more frequency than that.  Once in the shop, I greet the barbers at chairs 1 & 2, the patrons waiting to the left, the shoeshine man in the corner, and finally my barber Suniel (of Trinidadian descent & temperament) stationed at the third chair on the right. I sit patiently and listen to their banter on politics, local news, etc. and when it’s my turn he calls me up.
Being the youngest barber in the shop, Suniel is constantly learning and perfecting his technique. This man has a love of all things barber-related. In the beginning, he shaved me with Andis T-edgers or Outliners.  However, since then he has become more adept with the straight razor. Once I became comfortable with the idea, I allowed him to shave me with it.  The aftershave and steamed-towel finish are sublime and I am impressed with the results. Thus began my indoctrination to the time-honored tradition.
After a few weeks, I really began to love it and during my travels I happened upon a small shop called The Art of Shaving. I decided to drop in and the staff was very cordial. They showed me their full line of Shaving & Skincare products, shared information about their Spa Shave Services, and answered every question I had about shaving. I decide upon the Sandalwood Shaving Soap for Suniel to use during my shave and I leave with The Perfect Shave Sample Box consisting of Pre-Shave Oil, Shaving Cream, and After-Shave Balm.  I am also given a sample of the Zirh Reverse Serum they carry.
Needless to say, I love the products and the service.  The Sandalwood Shaving Soap smells great and lathers well. My barber is impressed with the products too!
The Art of Shaving Store has several locations and even a website for ordering online at www.TheArtofShaving.com .
Never fear ladies, they even have a full line of products for you too.
They are formulated and done up in pretty pink labels just for you.
So, to answer to Big Daddy’s question, “Why did you do that?” I guess I’m just in love with The Art of Shaving!    
By Wylie J. Stokeshart

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