An important thing to do in this stage is to learn you.  A broken heart doesn’t heal itself. It takes the effort of that individual to make them whole again.  This is the opportunity to really enjoy you.  Find out the things you like and don’t like. Living life without limitations places you in a predicament where you get to know yourself more.    
Take risks. Do things you haven’t done. You have all the time in the world to figure out what it is you are all about.  Everybody has something they like doing. Take advantage and fully indulge in it. Being able to live a fulfilled single lifestyle properly prepares you for the time you will need to give to the right one.
Another good thing about this stage is that the RB has the chance to further explore their friendships.  Observe your surroundings and exactly who is a part of it. Who’s really on your team? Go ahead and find out who’s real and who’s fake. This eliminates all potential drama that could affect your future relationship.
In an attempt to move forward, the RB must remain strong in the process of complete rejuvenation. Overcoming something you’ve put your all into takes time to get past. Moving on for the RB requires a little motivation.  The type of motivation that makes you open your eyes, wanting something different. From time to time, the RB should mentally re-experience some of the drama of the past relationship and analyze how it affected them. What did you learn? If a situation reoccurs what tactics will you use? 
Reminiscing on the malarkey shows you how you can handle yourself. Take the knowledge and grow from it. Think of the person who has learned from the mistakes and made more in the process. They ultimately reap the benefits of knowledge and can use it to their advantage. The person you’ll become will know how to deal with the pressures and complication of a negative situation. Most importantly, the RB will be able to leave a situation before it heightens.
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