Funny, beautiful and of course FABULOUS 
Here’s the story of Ashley Stukes & her bundle of joy Ashton
When I first received the confirmation of my pregnancy I was not shocked, only because my cycle was a week late and I knew my son’s father and I were not using all the protection that we could have used. My friends were freaking out more than I was! The first family member I told about my pregnancy was my Mom, second was my Grandma. My Mom was very disappointed and was advising me to abort my pregnancy without actually saying, “abort your pregnancy.” My Grandma was telling me it was not the time for me to have a baby because I have a lot going for myself. When I told my son’s father about the pregnancy he didn’t really know how to react…but he told me he would support me with whatever I decide. My Grand-dad supported me with my pregnancy from day one, that meant the world to me because he has been the male role model I have looked up to my whole life. All of my family members and friends are crazy about Ashton (my son) now! Especially my Mom…she is SPRUNG!
I don’t think I had crazy emotions during my pregnancy, although I’ve had people tell me I did…I just slept a lot. I was a lucky one because I didn’t gain much weight, just about 40 pounds and now three months later, I’ve lost all the weight plus more! 
My delivery was easy; I’d do it again BUT no time soon! I was in labor for about eight hours; all I have to say is thank God for whoever invented epidural, that medicine is a LIFE SAVER! When I first saw my baby boy’s face I could not believe I actually had a baby, I did not even sleep the first night with him in the hospital because I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him! I didn’t face many struggles after having him because I had so much support from my family and friends. Although one night, Ashton cried for 3 hours non-stop and I could not get him to stop crying…so I looked at him and started crying too LOL, that’s the only thing closest to a struggle that I had.
He has really brought my family closer together, he’s a blessing. Looking at Ashton and watching him smile and laugh keeps me fabulous everyday! I know I have to make it not just for me anymore, but for him. I also don’t want to be a Mommy that looks a mess because she let herself go after having a baby. I got my figure back, am a senior in college and have great opportunities ahead of me… so why not stay fabulous?! I love being a Fab Mamacita!

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