Relationships: One to Many

Predator and Prey

Ladies, what are some signs that show or tell us that a guy is interested? He calls first, he tells us what we want to hear or maybe he is generous with racks on racks on racks? Well these factors may be true, but in reality we all know it’s what a guy DOES not what he SAYS. Some ladies fall victim to what is coming out of the predator’s mouth. (I like to look at women and men as predator or prey)… In some cases men are prey to very dominant women or vice versa. But most of the time men are the predators and women are the prey- this meaning that men should search out to catch a woman and not the other way around. Unfortunately, some women find themselves being the prey and wonder why the hunter is gone so fast. I like to use the saying “Good things come to those who wait”; when referring to wild animals, they never strike while the iron is hot; they identify their prey, watch it’s movement, find the best opportunity, then ATTACK. We are so removed from our natural instead we attack first then follow all the important steps later……well clearly that’s not working.

So I have this friend, they fall prey quite often. They find a partner they like, talk to them briefly, and every time gets swallowed like a fish. I was once told “Give a man/ woman you best, not your all”, because when someone feels they have total control over you, they feel obligated or entitled to ruling your life. NEVER give someone else the privilege of being territorial over your thoughts and actions. This is your life, so be the master of your fate and the captain of your soul.

There are two roles in life: Predator and Prey; in relationships one must be the predator and the other the prey, but if it is going to work, one will have to submit and make this act of “eat or be eaten” to a perfect love affair.  Relationships are about give and take, sacrifice and most of all communication. Both predator and prey have to be unselfish enough to come to a common ground and eat together!! ….Something else that is, maybe!

-Bentley Marie

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