My VZ navigator bellows “You’ve arrived at your destination on the left!” I look up and realize that I’m pulling into valet at The Capital Building on East Paces Ferry Road.  I’ve passed this place many times. However, without the guidance of my GPS I couldn’t find the way back.   A tall man in a uniform opens my door and greets me with a hardy “Hello!” He then proceeds to direct my good friend Diggy and me to an elevator. As we are escorted in, he tips his hat and gives us one last tip “The restaurant is on the eighth floor.” After a smooth ride up we hear…Ding! The door opens and we are greeted by our host “Welcome, Gentlemen, to The Capital Grille. Will there be two for lunch?” I smile & nod while answering “Yes!”
            Fortunately for us, the lunch rush has passed and the restaurant is not very crowded. We have our choice of the dining room or the lounge. We choose the lounge because it has window tables with AMAZING views of Buckhead and the Atlanta Skyline and because it is very close to the bar. All of the leather and African Mahogany gives a wonderful “clubby” feel. After being seated, our water glasses are filled and we are given a moment to look over the menu. The bartender doubled as server which was awesome for we thoroughly enjoyed a flood of Bohemians and Madrases while munching on Pan Fried Calamari with Hot Cherry Peppers. 
            I took a break from the fun by excusing myself to the men’s room. On my way I took a spin ‘round the dining room to get a feel for the place. All assembled seemed the perfect sampling of the populous that is Atlanta. At one table, there was a well-kept elderly couple with snow white hair. Next, I spotted a table of businessmen munching over laptops. Over on the side, there were two very neat and fashionably-dressed men: One with blonde wispy hair, the other a curly brunette. As I turned the corner, there sat a table of four. These well-polished and impeccably clad ladies looked up as I passed. From my onceover, I figure there must be at least two Spelman class rings, two Bench & Bar Spouse memberships, & Links National Assembly Registration all around. We exchanged knowing smiles and I then turned my focus to the beautiful original artwork that filled the walls.
            The walls serve as a showcase of portraits of prominent Atlanta Leaders and Businesspersons. Out of the group, two of the paintings catch my eye. One portrait is of Alonzo Herndon, Atlanta Life Founder. Learn more about him at: .  The other painting is of Geneva Moton Haugabrooks, founder of Haugabrooks Funeral Home. Learn more about her at: . These paintings add to the sense of heritage, tradition, and success the Capital Grille embodies. I continue my self-guided tour through to the meeting/private dining rooms to the wine room. I am impressed and make a mental note to host something there. I then quickly rush into the men’s room and it is fresh and filled with light, wood, and stone. I love the hand soap and hand towels as I washed up then returned to my table.
            Back at the table, Diggy enjoys his Ribeye Steak Sandwich with Caramelized Onions & Havarti Cheese with Sam’s Mashed Potatoes on the side. My Grille’s Signature Cheeseburger with bacon & Havarti cheese were perfectly complimented by the Parmesan Truffle Fries. The lunch was delicious and excellently delivered. The staff was attentive from our arrival to our departure. When I’m in Atlanta and asked my destination of choice…I’ll answer, “Eighth Floor Please!”        
-Wylie J. Stokeshart

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