Relationships: One to Many
L, is for the way you look at me
O, is for the only one I see
V, is very, very extraordinary
E, is even more than anyone that you adore can …..Love was made for you and me!!!
            Even in 1964, Nat King Cole knew that “love” was something that everyone wanted to attain. “LOVE”….What is its true definition? How can you put into words something that means something different to different people? This four letter verb and adjective can be described as an action of expression or a description of a person or a thing. I will refer to love as an expression, no matter how it is portrayed or showed, it is being expressed some way, whether negatively or positively.
            Steve Harvey said, “a man has a funny way of showing love”. This is true because men show love through action, whereas women express love through feelings and emotions. This expression, i.e. “love” is something that so many people want, but so many are afraid to act upon. Love is easy to commit and express the first time around; the hard part is allowing oneself to love again. My other half asked me if I would express my love for them if I felt it. My response was uncertain, because being in love and being heartbroken is hard to come back from. In the same right, I cannot let the past dictate my happiness or my future.
            As young adults, we sometimes have a stereotype on “love”; its for old people, we are too independent for it, we will find it in college, when you know, you know…well its 2011 and time nor love waits for no one. When your heart tells you to go for it and take a chance..Listen to it!! Girls, when you go into a store and see a pair of shoes that you want, you try them on and they are a perfect fit, look at the price tag and you can afford them..then you begin to think and second guess yourself, what do you do?…leave the shoes. Just like love, if your gut feeling is foggy and you are not sure listen to it, but if those shoes are screaming your name and no regret is behind them, GET THE DAMN SHOES…LOL and LOVE, because its made for me and youuuuuuu!!!!!
Bently Marie
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